Love and passion

Travel with us to the 17th century Europe and experience the most popular music of the time. You will recognise many of the well known tunes by Monteverdi, Purcell, Caccini, J.S. Bach and others.

Shakespeare and friends

Lute songs with lyrics by William Shakespeare, and songs which appear in the famous Shakespearean plays, such as Tempest, As You like it, Twelfth night Song, Measure for Measure. This enchanting little collection is spiced up with the most popular contemporary "hits" of its time, such as: Flow my tears, Awake sweet love, Can she excuse ( Dowland), The lowest trees has tops (Morley).

Prayers and lamentations

'By music we are connected to the harmony of heaven"- These are the words of a significant sacred music composer, Hildegard von Bingen. Let us get you closer to the magic of spiritual texts, prayers and lamentations. This program features music by C. Monteverdi, GF Sancese, F. Caccini, T. Merula and others.

A woman's touch

For women composers of the renaissance and baroque era it was difficult to gain recognition that could match their male contemporaries. They paved the way for others, yet, sadly, much of their works got lost or forgotten over the centuries. In this programme you can witness the rare talent and beauty of their music that has survived until today. Composers include Francesca Caccini, Chiara M. Cozzolani, Barbara Strozzi, Isabella Leonarda, Vittoria Aleotti.

Homeland inspirations

In this programme we present you with the music that is very dear to us. This Czech-Hungarian inspiration offers you a unique opportunity to hear a selection of early, modern and contemporary composers from both countries, such as A.V. Michna z Otradovic, L. Janacek, P. Eben, M. Štědroň, B. Bakfark, Z. Kodály and B. Bartók.